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Do you like the Preußenspitz homepage? I think it's great, that's how it should be. However, because it should be clear to every reader how much money and work goes into such an extensive website, I would like to give you the opportunity to donate to Preußenspitz and thus help me out. In the long term, I plan to make an archive about the German Spitz accessible to everyone, in which photos, magazines, books about the German Spitz, studbooks, etc. can be found. Of course, a lot of copyright issues still need to be clarified.


I very much hope to be able to cover the costs of this project in the medium term. Because as much fun as there is in it, I'm just now realizing that it's taking up more time and money than I originally expected. So all the materials have to be bought first, every photo is searched for, bought and uploaded, as are the rare and therefore expensive books and magazines about the German Spitz. These are scanned and saved using the specially purchased book scanner, both in a cloud and on various hard drives. This all happens in my free time and with my private money. Of course, there are also the ongoing costs for web hosting and the domain. 


I would therefore be very happy about some support. Gladly as a donation via PayPal. Simply click on the button below to support ↦ Preußenspitz. Rewards include mentioning your name on the website. By the way: With a donation you also support my other projects, which are accessible to everyone, such as the Facebook group, in which historical pictures of the Spitz are shown, the archive and of course my articles.

Thank you soooo very much,


Daniela, Kuno & Birk 😄❤️