Luchs the Wolfspitz

Whenever I hear about the many lonely old people, I also think of the Wolfspitz "Luchs" and his 80-year-old master. I got to know both of them when I was still taking the bus from Solingen to Düsseldorf every day. 


The pensioner Erich Hirt, Luchs' 80-year-old owner, was still working in Düsseldorf despite his old age. And that's why the dog accompanied him to the bus every morning. In a conversation with the old man, I later learned how lynx had even saved his life: One day, Mr. Hirt came home earlier than usual. Before he went to bed because he felt ill, Mr. Hirt tended to his stove. But suddenly the pensioner fell unconscious, and the glowing coals spread across the entire room. Thick smoke soon filled the room. But Luchs was bright, he alerted the neighbors to the dangerous situation his master was in by barking loudly and jumping around! 


It didn't take long before the neighbors came to help and the unconscious man was taken to the hospital. However, it was very difficult to separate Luchs from his master; the animal did not want strangers to approach the pensioner. And during the next few days that Mr. Hirt was in the hospital, Luchs didn't touch any food. How great was his joy when his master finally came home again. Such joy is hard to describe. The dog jumped wildly at his master and pushed the old man against a nearby wall. 


I could tell a lot more about the faithful Luchs. For example, he bravely protected the small arbor where he lived with his master from burglars at night. What would have happened to old Mr. Shepherd that night if he hadn't had the brave Luchs at his side! But it wasn't so much the animal's protection as its friendship that meant so much to the 80-year-old pensioner. You always hear about old people living a lonely life somewhere - even in big cities. It was much easier for Mr. Hirt because he could always rely on his comrade, the Wolfspitz. Many old people would also like to have such a friendship. 

From "Neue Welt am Sonnabend", 1963

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