About my white Giant Spitz Birk

Profile & master data

Birk vom Roten Turm Großspitz Grosspitz white German Spitz

Bilder: © 2022 | Helena Oldenburger | Kassel

Name: Birk (Chudzinski) - Birk vom Roten Turm
Breed: German Giant Spitz
Day of birth: 03.08.2020
Sex: male
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Colour: white
Club: Verein für Deutsche Spitze (FCI)
Stud book No: VDH/VfDSp. R DS 22-17
Breeder: Sirit Winter | Bad Tölz
Loss of ancestors: 25 %
COI: 3,48 %
Hips: HD-B
prcd-PRA: N/N = no carrier
OCA2: N/N = no carrier
Dilute:  N/N = no carrier
Intolerances: none
Stud dog:

Yes (FCI)

Color genetics:

A-Loci Aw / Aw
B-Loci B / B
D-Loci D / D
E-Loci e / e
K-Loci Kb / Kb
I-Loci i / i
S-Loci sp / sp
M-Loci m / m

Birk is the old-fashioned Spitz type, that was bred on farms, but - with fully known proof of ancestry. His coat is rather moderate, but very dense and extremely easy to care for. He is very compact, with a straight and short back and his very good, strong bone structure.


  • does not have any hunting drive
  • very good protection instinct
  • pretty sharp
  • very alert
  • suspicious, but after a while he warms up a bit - but without neglecting his guard job
  • the sweetest and most affectionate companion dog
  • relatively manageable
  • a lot of temperament
  • he likes to be the center of attention without being demanding



Birk was once genetically examined at FERAGEN in Austria. In addition to his genetic inbreeding coefficient, his haplogroups and his genetic heterozygosity, he has currently tested negative for 158 diseases, as well as other genetic characteristics such as his height. Birk is a carrier of smaller body size, so he could possibly father smaller offspring with a suitable female.

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