About Wolfsspitz Buddy-Kuno vom Windhainersee

Profile and master data

Kuno Windhainersee Wolfsspitz Keeshond

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Name: Buddy-Kuno vom Windhainersee
Breed: Wolfsspitz/ Keeshond
Day of birth: 30.03.2019
Sex: male
Height: 55 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Colour: grey
Club: Verein für Deutsche Spitze
Stud book No: VDH/VfDSp. R DS 22-17
Breeder: Martina Herzog-Spies | Soltau
AV: 25,4 %
COI: 0,78 %
Hips: HD-B
Elbow: ED-0
PHPT: negative by descent
prcd-PRA: N/N = no carrier
OCA2: N/N = no carrier
Dilute:  N/N = no carrier
Intolerances: none
Stud dog:

Yes (FCI)

Color genetics:

A-Loci Aw / Aw  
B-Loci B / B  
D-Loci D / D  
E-Loci E / E  
K-Loci ky / ky  -
I-Loci i / i  
S-Loci  N / N  

Kuno has Keeshond ancestry, but looks and behaves very much like the old German Wolfsspitz type. His coat is rather moderate, dark and easy to care for. He is really strong with good substance and is at the upper limit in terms of size - he is a large representative of his breed and his demeanor is correspondingly impressive.


  • zero hunting drive
  • medium protection instinct and sharpness
  • very confident
  • rather disinterested in other people
  • well suspicious
  • moderately easy-going, has many ideas of his own
  • medium temperament
  • incorruptible
  • absolutely related to me

A long-time expert on Kuno:

"Kuno is a very large, typical and strongly colored Wolfsspitz according to the old pattern of excellent substance and vitality, which has unfortunately become very rare today.


He is - typical of Spitz - extremely curious, but remains distant and waiting towards strangers, without the intrusiveness typical of other dog breeds.


What is striking is his age-appropriate, unusually well-developed social behavior towards strange dogs. You experience a dog that is completely at peace with itself, treats younger dogs with respect and tolerance, gives them their own scope for development, but also sets limits when necessary, without any sign of aggression.


A male dog that you could hardly wish for in your own breeding for the socialization of puppies."

Judge reports: