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"Is that an Alsatian? Samoyed? Chow-Chow?"

"A German Spitz."

"O no!"


The Spitz never achieved a distinguished reputation, even though his family tree is thousands of years old. He never became a fashionable dog, and fine gentlemen never took him for hunting. The Spitz has always been one of the most reliable, undemanding, most alert and therefore the most widespread breeds. The German Spitz shines in his versatility as an incorruptible watchdog, as a guardian of domestic pets, and even as an artist and clown in the circus. He is characterized by great loyalty and attachment to his family, and he is so very fond of children. He is very frugal, he is happy in any small city apartment and is a pleasant companion on walks because he never hunts. In short: The Spitz is the ideal housemate.

German Spitz - one of the most exciting, versatile dog breeds ever

Wilhelm Prince of Prussia Spitz German Spitz Pomeranian
Wilhelm Prince of Prussia with Prussian Spitz*

He owes his reputation as a difficult, stubborn breed of dog to his intelligence and his very strong self-confidence. The German Spitz likes to make his own decisions or flatters his master until he gets his way.


The bribes and flattery of strangers slide off the Spitz like dirt from his (easy-care) coat. Whoever his master approves of, the Spitz also approves of, but woe betide anyone who dares to invade his master's kingdom in the master's absence..... Because two things are most important to the Spitz: his family and their property. And he guards both with his life - if necessary.


He - our German Spitz - is unfairly forgotten and misunderstood! A great and versatile dog that enriches the life of everyone who prefers exciting individuality to boring uniformity. Or loosely based on German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer:


If there was no Spitz,

I didn't want to live. **

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* The proof of origin of the image can be found on the page linked to the image.

** The original says "dogs" instead of "Spitz"

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