A strange breed of dog?!

German Spitz dog breed strange unknown Wolfspitz

Since I live in Berlin, it's inevitable that I'll be out and about in this big city with my Wolfspitz Kuno. Walks in the area are quite unspectacular - you know each other even if you don't actually know each other and the encounters no longer cause any surprise. But it's different when we leave this immediate area - the "Kiez" (the hood) - as we say here, and stroll through other parts of Berlin. 


So it happens that oncoming passers-by stop with astonished eyes and - taking a step back - let me and especially the Kuno pass. Sometimes you'll hear a comment like "Wow, he's pretty!" or “I hope he doesn’t bite!” These are the most common comments I pick up as I pass by. I have also heard the following dialogue several times: 


She: “Isn’t he cute?”

He: "Yep! It's some kind of mix between a German Shepherd and a Collie." 


Part of the conversation is lost in the noise of the street until the next snippets of words reach my ears:


She: "......it has to be a Chow Chow!"

He: "But no, he doesn't have a blue nose...!"

She: "Yes. A strange breed of dog...!"


Suddenly, frozen into a pillar of salt, someone asks: "Oh, is that a wolf?!" And soon after, a child: “Look, Mommy, a snow dog!” Many people who meet Kuno and me have it with the snow and think I'm walking a Husky or a Samoyed. “Well, when there’s snow, do you pull a sleigh?” Others, on the other hand, often recognize an Eurasian or, with an air of connoisseurship, declare my four-legged friend to be a successful mix of German Shepherd and ELO or a Spitz mix: "There's a Spitz in there, right?" Rolling my eyes, I continue walking with Kuno until a little girl makes the following comment that makes me laugh: "Mommy, here comes a teddy bear!" 


But it's like an old woman said to her grandson: "Great, a Wolfspitz! My parents used to have one like that on the farm. He looked after our pigs." 

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