Tobbi and the fox

Tobbi, a Wolfspitz, saved his mistress from being bitten by a rabid fox and had to die.


It happened in the summer of 1959. Mrs. M. from our town went into the garden with her Tobbi as usual to get vegetables. As the woman was busy there, a rabid fox suddenly appeared in front of her. When the fox jumped to bite Tobbie's mistress, Tobbi was there immediately. He grabbed the fox by the neck and then there was a wild battle. The mistress, who was freed by this, ran as fast as she could and fetched the forester. He then killed the fox. The animal that was shot was clearly diagnosed with rabies. Since Tobbi had been bitten by the fox, the district veterinarian decided that Tobbi had to be shot! The mistress now stood up for her loyal Tobbi. She wanted to spend 800 DM to keep Tobbi vaccinated. But unfortunately there was nothing that could be done because it was decided that the rabid vaccines would be reserved for humans. So Tobbi, the loyal Wolfsspitz, had to die. His mistress mourned her Tobbi for a very long time and could never forget him.

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