Nanda, the lifesaver

This is the touching story of an old man and his faithful dog, who are so closely connected that nothing in the world can separate them. Wilhelm Lehmann lived in a small, remote house on the outskirts of Essen, where the 80-year-old painted his pictures. The faithful companion of his self-imposed loneliness was Nanda, the seven-year-old female Wolfspitz. The grey-black animal accompanied its master at every turn - and even saved his life.

Wolfsspitz Wolfspitz German Spitz Keeshond lifesaver angel dog
Wolfspitz bitch Nanda saved Wilhelm Lehmann's life.

Loud, persistent barking woke the painter from his sleep on a frosty winter night. He wanted to turn on the light to see what was troubling Nanda. But the power was turned off by an unknown hand. He felt his way to the telephone - the line remained dead. The courageous man threw open the front door. At that moment, Nanda jumped out into the open, yapping. Nevertheless, an unknown person still found the opportunity to throw an incendiary device into the old, rotten house. In an instant, a flash of flame set the stairwell on fire. Wilhelm Lehmann tried to put out the fire on his own and grabbed a full bucket of water next to the rain barrel. But when the water hit the fire, there was an explosive bang. But Wilhelm Lehmann still didn't give up; He continued to try to get the fire under control. Then a blow hit him on the back of the head. The old man collapsed unconscious.


Nanda repeatedly ran her tongue over the ashen face of the unconscious man and scratched his body with her paws. However, when Wilhelm Lehmann showed no sign of life, Nanda began to bark and whine very loudly. The nearest neighbor, Erwin Saß, was woken up by the dog's howling, noticed the glow of fire in the sky and alerted the fire department.


Rescuing the unconscious man was difficult. The dog saw enemies in the rescue team and was ready to defend her master from the strange men. It was only through a ruse that the police managed to distract the loyal animal. 


"Where is Nanda?" was Wilhelm Lehmann's first question in the hospital when he woke up from unconsciousness. While the fire was being extinguished, no one cared about the animal, which had disappeared into the darkness. Now, acquaintances drove out to the property - and found the Spitz. Nanda lay on the rubble that had burned to the ground. Without eating or drinking, she waited for her master to return. 


After Wilhelm Lehmann was released from the clinic, he found temporary accommodation with the brave dog, from whom he no longer wants to be parted for a second. He hopes to soon find an apartment where he can paint his pictures again and spend a few more peaceful years with his four-legged friend, to whom he owes his life. There is still no trace of the common arsonist who almost killed an old man and set his house on fire. 

From "Das Neue Blatt" Nr. 13, (20.03.1985)

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