The Spitz - loyal until death

A female Wolfspitz dog proved that German Spitzes are extremely loyal dogs in a tragic incident. Soon after New Year's Day 1968, a district forester discovered a car in the forest near the city of Haag in Lower Austria. In the snow-covered car was a dead woman who had probably committed suicide due to financial problems: drug poisoning and hypothermia were discovered during the autopsy. In addition to the woman, there were two half-starved but still alive dogs in the car. A daily newspaper carried a shocking picture of these two animals; They were a Wolfspitz and an Airedale Terrier wrapped in a blanket. After all official acts had been completed, I drove to Hague with the consent of the responsible embassy - the dead woman was a foreigner - to look after the Wolfspitz dog. Thanks to her thick winter fur, the dog survived the severe cold without any damage, but the terrier dog had severe symptoms of frostbite in her left eye. 


Although a window in the snow-covered car was open so wide that the smaller Wolfspitz could have escaped through the window, she remained loyal to her mistress despite hunger and cold, loyal until death. 


The dogs found a good, warm home with two animal-loving families in Haag; Our Austrian Spitz Club will take care of the two dogs affected by fate.

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