November 26, 2023


Animals in war


During war, animals suffered from the same terrible conditions and horrors as humans - and they died at least as painfully and full of fear.



German Spitz is almost forgotten

February 5, 2023


A strange breed of dog?!


"What kind of dog breed is that? A Spitz mix?"


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Wolfsspitz Wolfspitz Keeshond farmer guard watch dog forgotten old type

January 23, 2023


An ode to the Wolfspitz


Just a simple declaration of love to the original Wolfspitz



dog not puppet

December 19, 2022


A dog is not a puppet!


When people start treating pets like human children, a lot of things go wrong.


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German Spitz hunting poaching

November 29, 2022


About the non-poaching German Spitz


The German Spitz does not hunt, he is, so to speak, the good housefather among the dog breeds.



dog nutrition in the past vegetarian carnivore German Spitz Pomeranian

October 31, 2022


The vegetarian dog


Does the dog actually have to be fed a lot of meat - also considering the current inflation? History clearly says “no.”



dog neutered castration bitch

February 10, 2022


About castration


Many dog owners ask themselves the question: castration - yes or no?