About us

We live alternately in the south of Berlin and in Kassel, so we are real city dogs. But since we always find something to guard, that doesn't matter to us. Our owner chose our name “Preußenspitz” because she comes from a family of displaced people from East Prussia and somehow found it fitting. 


Even though we live in the city, we are allowed to walk a lot off the leash. On the one hand, this is because we listen well to our mistress and because we don't go out to hunt. We have a lot of foxes and rabbits around here and if we'd run after them, it would be very dangerous because there are big roads everywhere in our hood. 

This is us with mistress and master. Master says mistress looks a bit crabby in this photo - but at least everyone had their eyes open. Mistress is our main caregiver. She takes care of our physical well-being, goes for a walk with us, takes care of our beauty and takes care of us when we are feeling bad. But she is sometimes really strict. Master is very sweet, but can easily be convinced of what we want. He actually didn't even want a dog - and now he already has two.... 😉

Kassel Bergpark German Spitz Hercules Pomeranian Keeshond
Here we are in Kassel in the "Bergpark". Famous Hercules statue can be seen in the background.
Cargobike Bullitt bicycle German Spitz Pomeranian keeshond
Here we are driven around with our friends Olga and Edda. What a wonderful dog-life ❤️
German Spitz Pomeranian Keeshond Poodle begging food
Us with Fibi the poodle - and how the three of us don't beg at all 😉
German Spitz Kids Pomeranian familiy dog Keeshond
Birki with the mother of Mistress and her niece Caro
Keeshond Puppy Wolfsspitz
Kuno with Mistress when he was around 6 months old and looked like a big-ear-bat