Birk's 1st litter

Birk vom Roten Turm x Folly Zimni sen

Puppy puppies Zimni sen vom Roten Turm Chudzinski Birk Folly Giant german Spitz black

At the beginning of March we went to the Czech Republic near Prague and met the beautiful Giant Spitz bitch "Folly Zimni sen". Birk successfully bred Folly twice on March 8th and 9th, so puppies are now expected at the “Kyjská Zahrada” (FCI) kennel around mid-May.


According to the parent's color genetics, the puppies will all be pure black, maybe with little white markings. Since Folly is a bit smaller than Birk with a shoulder height of 45 cm, it is to be expected that the offspring will be under 50 cm in height, and very robust and compact, with a beautiful, typical Spitz head. 


Since Folly and Birk have harsh and extremely easy-care fur, the same can be expected for the puppies.


Both parents are very good, sharp guard dogs and have no hunting drive. They are both self-confident, smart and curious and very people-oriented. The FCI litter is located in the small town of Mladá Vožice in the Czech Republic. Jiřina Budínská - the breeder - can be contacted by email:




Pedigree of the puppies:

Pedigree Folly Zimni sen Birk vom Roten Turm Chudzinski Giant Spitz black

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